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Now that we have all the components we just need to assemble the final parts of the puzzle. This is literally the final stretch, once we had assembled all the components all we had left to do was to try it out. Luckily James went on holiday recently to Singapore. While he was there he noticed that there were many people playing large box like instruments on the street (this is much like the concept that we are using). These musical boxes used bells and chimes to create sound and this inspired James. He then went out and bought bells for our machine, we installed them and we believe that this gives the machine a new element of life as it is much louder and exiting now. we are very happy to announce not only that it works but it works better that we could have possibly have imagined. There were times that we believed that it just wasn’t going to function as we needed it to but with careful programming and slight adjustments we can finally say it is working.