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Now that we have completed the electronics it’s time to install them into the product body. It turns out its easier said than done; the main difficulty is finding a way to connect all the wires without having wires hanging everywhere. There are so many connections that must be attached; this is an issue due to the fact that the circuitry is very temperamental.
Once we had attached all the wires together and completed the circuit installation we needed to synchronise the program with the speed of the rolling balls. The doors must be programed to open and stay open until the ball reaches them. This is an easy enough process.
The ball drop mechanism is the most temperamental part of our product as it changes its mind on its operation after every ball launch. This was an obvious problem so we worked hard to remedy it. We eventually fixed it and the balls now drop at a very successful rate (one at a time… when there supposed to).
The next stage is to do the final touches to the body and then install the curtains, after that the product shall be complete.