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We have really only got a bit of finishing to do on the project now. We have worked out how we are going to feed the balls into the machine now, and have put in the extra runners. We worked out how to make stop all the falling balls from flying all over the place using a ramped surface on the bottom and a gutter to collect them, as well as a Perspex sheet on the front of the machine. We have prototyped how the servos will attach to the doors and have managed to find a way to attach them. We have started to combine the electronics and the structure together but its still an something we need to work on to make it fit nicely and also run smoothly. The only thing when you build such as big structure is it need lot of cable to connect all the parts together, it has also been a bit of a challenge to make some parts of the cable separable as it we need to move the parts about. We have got some curtains now but me still need to attach them and make the whole structure look like a street performance piece. We will soon be releasing a press release and video of the product so watch this space, as we think the final result should be quite interesting.