Today was a really productive day for the project, and we can now clearly see the how all the parts of the amazing machine fit together. The Frame now holds all the parts we have been working on above the xylophone. Some work still need to be done to strengthen and stabilize the structure and shelves. A solenoid has now been programed to release a single ball at a time when it is trigged by the key on the organ. As we intend this product to be a performance piece we have made it quite portable, due to the structure,but also easily dissembled and assembled. We want to make the structure more of a show piece by putting a curtain on the front. Not only did we put wheels on the structure we also put them on the organ for ease of use. We still need to work on fitting and fine-tuning the mechanics so the machine functions smoothly. One thing we have noticed from testing it is that we will need to work out a way of catching the balls that seem to bounce unpredictably. It will be really exciting to get everything working smoothly, because it already looks quite interesting.

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