We decided to try and develop a Rube Goldberg machine that could be highly interactive. We are very excited about the possibilities this holds.

We have many ideas of themes such as: Street magic, Busking and giving the machine a personality. We intend on having lots of triggers and sensors that will react to the public/users. We thought that it could be interesting if users could put coins into the balls and change the sound the machine makes. We thought of including some other way the users could interact with the product such as sensors or possibly controls that the user could use. We also thought that we could physically incorporate musical instruments into the design. We would need to think about what type of instruments we use such as wind or percussion.

It’s going to be quite challenging to ensure the product runs smoothly, but we are confident we can make it work. As far as the electronics go we will need quite a few servo motors to control the machine. These motors will need to be programed precisely to create a good sound.