Our own Experience Prototyping exercise to Rube Goldberg machine, or chain reaction, to understand and explore the concept.

This allowed us to firsthand realise the detail and accuracy needed in such a machine, and to trial basic ideas and noise generating concepts. Also to consider how energy would be used, conserved or put into the machine and how height would constrict shoots and speed. Most importantly, it made us ask how it could be self perpetuating and/or what inputs would/could trigger the driven mechanics.

We are still undecided as to how or what it is to communicate or effect – further exploration into existing forms and ideas are still needed and keeps scope on outcomes wide and varied.

As a natural process of actions and reactions, we hope to mirror the harmony of the natural environment through the mechanical processes we decide upon.

The Cog – Honda

Ball Clock – Glasgow Science Centre

Forest Piano -森の木琴 – Touch Wood SH-08C

Ball Gusher – Sharjah Children’s Museum

The Way Things Go

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