In this project we have been instructed to create a device that exploits sound in some way. The area of interest that we have taken into consideration is nature. These are things like waves, wind, the sounds that trees make, ect. These natural processes go unused and are almost never harnessed. We would like to harness nature’s natural sounds and use them in our project. There is so much energy and power behind the might of nature but we cannot visualise it on a piece of paper, this is a form of understanding that is necessary to some people. Through this project we hope to allow people to interact more with their natural environment in a way that they can understand. We will research the market to see what devices are already out there tackling this problem then we will go out into the world and ask how to solve the problem ourselves. We wish for our device to be small and compatible but also to be somewhat interesting to interact with. A small white box just won’t do us, we want something that has a “wow” factor. We are all very excited about this project and are interested to see where it takes us.