Once we had decided on group roles we then moved swiftly into the brainstorming stage. As we knew that we needed to incorporate sound into the design (either in the input or output) we decided to start there. We took a large piece of paper and split it in half, the left for input and the right for outputs. (This page can be seen in the top left and middle)

   We soon came up with very many ideas for things that could work in our design. We all liked the idea of having a natural input, things like lunar, solar, wave and wind. We also liked the idea of an attractive sculpture.

   Once we had brainstormed a little we decided to go down to the library and get out some interaction design books for inspiration. We looked through a good few different books and found that ‘DESIGNING INTERACTIONS’ by Bill Moggridge to be one of the most useful, so we took a copy up to the studio and used it to start generating ideas.

   Once we had enough inspiration we moved onto another large sheet of paper that we titles ‘Ideas’. This page was the one that would house our initial ideas, (This page can be seen in the top right). The idea exercise is just to get our thought process started as we have to intention of coming up with a final idea this early and without thorough research.